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Bakes & Bars Bundle

Jste NOVÝ ZÁKAZNÍK? Získejte exkluzivní slevu 20% na první objednávku!

Jste NOVÝ ZÁKAZNÍK? Získejte exkluzivní slevu 20% na první objednávku!

Jste noví na Myprotein ČR? Získejte exkluzivní slevu 20% na první objednávku!

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The Bakes & Bars Bundle provides you with a great starter pack to create your very own protein baked goodies and protein bars. Adding protein to baking or making protein bars are both perfect for replacing unhealthier options as you know what is going into them and you get all the benefits of a high-protein meal. Not only can these products be used in baking and bars, but they are also ideal for adding to a healthy everyday diet.

This bundle includes:

Instant Oats - Unflavoured 2.5kg

This is an excellent alternative to wheat flour that is high in fibre and contains Beta-glucans. Instant Oats can be ground into an oat flour in a food processor and can also be used in bars and flapjacks.

Xanthan Gum - 500g

This gluten free form of soluble dietary fibre improves texture in gluten free baking. It helps bind the ingredients used and furthermore adds fibre to your diet. Add Xanthan Gum to healthy bakes or even to smoothies to thicken them up.

Coconpure - 460g

This healthy, heat stable cooking fat is regarded as being the healthiest dietary oil due to its unique saturated fat content which is rich in lauric acid and MCT’s. It also provides an excellent, subtle coconut taste to your cooking or baking. Replace other forms of oils or butter if you prefer to be dairy free when melted Coconpure in baking and making bars.

FlavDrops - Toffee 50ml

These zero calorie, zero carb and zero fat drops are ideal in baking and bars for adding sweetness but without the sugar. Fantastic for if you’re dieting and have a sweet tooth!

Impact Whey Protein - Vanilla 1kg

Our Impact Whey is what makes protein baking different to your average baking! Adding protein to your baking, despite being a little more difficult than usual baking as it is not a flour, will help contribute to the growth of muscle mass so therefore is an advantageous addition. The vanilla flavour makes your baking more versatile as you can then add other flavours on top of this such as cinnamon and other spices, an array of different fruits and nuts to create flavours to your baking and bars.

Dried Cranberries - 500g

Naturally high in fibre, add dried cranberries for flavour, texture and sweetness to your baking.


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Bakes & Bars Bundle

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Bakes & Bars Bundle
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