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Natural Baking Bundle

Nakupte více, ušetřete více - SLEVA AŽ 30% NA VŠE | Kód: USETRI30CZ

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Akce jsou platné do půlnoci 4. prosince 2016 nebo do vyprodání promo zásob. Maximální sleva je 2700 Kč, pouze jeden slevový kód na objednávku. Zákazníci mohou umístit více objednávek. Sleva se nevztahuje na sestavy a balíčky produktů.


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Přehled produktů

The Natural Baking Bundle provides you with a range of all natural ingredients for baking clean and healthy products with an abundance of nutrients. These ingredients can also be added to your everyday diet so add vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Flax Seed Powder - 250g

Flax seed powder can be used as an egg replacement but also adds great texture and a nutty flavour to baking. It also provides an excellent source of essential fatty acids and is perfect for vegan or dairy free baking.

Coconpure - 460g

This healthy, heat stable cooking fat is regarded as being the healthiest dietary oil due to its unique saturated fat content which is rich in lauric acid and MCT’s. It also provides an excellent, subtle coconut taste to your cooking or baking. Replace other forms of oils or butter if you prefer to be dairy free when melted Coconpure in baking and making bars.

Xylitol - 500g

This sugar alcohol naturally found in a variety of fruit and vegetables can be used as a sugar free sweetener and is regarded as a more natural and healthy alternative to sugar and other synthetic sweeteners. Consumption of foods containing Xylitol instead of sugar induces a lower blood glucose rise after their consumption compared to sugar-containing foods and is therefore a great alternative to sugar in baking.

Rolled Oats - 2.5kg

This is an excellent alternative to wheat flour that is high in fibre and contains Beta-glucans. Rolled Oats can be ground into an oat flour in a food processor or they can be used whole to create texture in biscuits.

Nutri Greens Plus - Unflavoured 330g

Nutri Greens contain over 35 different fruit, vegetable and plant extracts. As a powder this can be added to smoothies, oats and baking just to name a few.

Organic Cacao Liquor Buttons - 300g

Use these low-sugar cacao buttons as you would conventional baking chocolate and add healthier alternatives to sugar to sweeten. These cacao liquor buttons are so versatile as they can be used in baking as well as in your everyday diet such as adding to oats to replace chocolate chips!

Organic Chia Seeds - 300g

Chia seeds have a great nutritional profile as well as being amazing in baking and recipes in general. They can be used as an egg replacer in baking or to add texture. Add them to recipes with a liquid and they will thicken the liquid so are great for thickening smoothies and oats as well as adding protein at the same time.


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Klíčové výhody

  • Specially selected products for baking with natural products
  • Combines a range of products for everyday use
  • Outstanding value for money

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Natural Baking Bundle

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Natural Baking Bundle